Sometimes mother nature shows us our biggest weaknesses by putting a mirror in front of us. Local authorities missing emergency plans for epidemics. But you should not fail in this crisis and here is a small post about how you should use your time ahead.

Life and death of humans and businesses

This pandemic is one of the worst world wide impacts we have seen in years. Some national leaders call it a war that they are fighting. Others use more calm words to appeal for human logic. Ten thousands of people have died and lock downs are pushing survivors into economical uncertainties. A recession in inevetiable and a depression likely

In a way, this pandemic is like the meteor that killed most of the dinosaurs millions of years ago. Those species who could not adapt to the new situation were wiped out. And it will happen to the business world, too. 

Different countries handle these situations differently. While the very free market of the USA tends to layoff workers on a massive scale, most European countries extend their short work schemes (German: Kurzarbeit, French: travail à temps réduit) in which a portion of their worktime is reduced and partially replaced by government’s payments.

Time to relocate your skills

And on each and every level of business and economics, this is the same. Your company has to adapt and you should adapt. Finding a new opportunity simply does not just mean to find a new job, it means to enhance yourself in the new situation. How can you excel? 

If you consider to look for a new job, a certificate of an official instution should be your aim. This can be a school, university or business chamber. But all other instutions, even private learning platforms are ok.

For university studies, you can have a look at a database of Ivy league MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which are free and you just have to pay for a final certificate. But they are sometimes on a timed schedule.

There are some obstacles to be taken. First and upmost: The coronavirus forces lockdowns which also effect testing in exams. So, if you want to let yourself being tested, you should take a course which can be taken and tested remotely. Otherwise, if you just want to check for a participation certificates. 

The most reknown online training platforms are Skillshare and Udemy. They offer courses which are designed by professionals and those who think they are professional. The quality of courses can be quite good and quite bad – take a good look into the reviews. At the end of each course, you get a participation certificate.

Another approach is to learn a new language. I am going to challenge myself to learn a bit of chinese but hey – I think there are easier languages to approach. I had some good experiences with but it costs some good money. There are also some possibilities in Udemy and co. Also here you get a certification certificate.

Also, you can just read. For example, I regularly check the free ebook section of Amazon for some new input. You would be amazed how many entertaining and interesting books you can find here. Unfortunately, everybody can publish here, and thus, there are still many bad books. But books for learning a programming language like Python, HTML or C# are regularly for free.

And in best case just try out your new competencies. Failing is important to get better and better and repeating theoretical knowledge in practical work repeats in a more solid foundation.

Do not waste your time

My main concern is: Use your free time wisely. Sure, you can relax. However, try to benefit from the and do the things that you always wanted to try. And even, if you are fine right now and you have just a tiny bit reduced working time, you can use it to find a hobby like painting or playing guitar. It is a stimulus for creativity and relaxation. How much is it to sing together in quarantine? Never waste a good recession – for your own good.

And if you are struggling right now due to financial issues, I recommend that you make a plan for preparing for the next economic crisis. I have written an article about this topic some months ago – looks like hindsight was 2019 🙂 .

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