The Levels of L&L

The student

Sign for an article for students.

You have recently graduated school and are now looking for oppurtinities in your life. What is your major? What is the direction you should try to fit the next year’s work into to invest in your education. Articles marked with the “Student” sign are for those who need a general and broader view on the future of one’s life and businesses.

The graduate

Sign for an article for graduates.

You have mastered (Bachelored? 🙂 ) a certain course or finished an apprenticeship. Now is the time to make some money and enjoy life. But what do you do with your money? And what do you want to do with your life and the possibilities you have gained now? “Graduate” signs are for those who have learned a trade and need orientation in the first step as a person standing on their own two feet.

The beginner

Sign for an article for beginners.

The beginner is usually a bit older, end of 20s, beginning of 30s. He has learned a trained and gathered experience in the working environment. He or she might has settled his or her expectations into reality to some extend. But still there might be an unconfortable feeling inside wanting more or looking for change. The “Beginner” sign marks arcticles for those people.

The professional

Sign for an article for professionals.

You have seen alot. You worked at least five years and are lucky enough to consider yourself as an expert in a field. Then you want to look out for the “Professional” signs. 

The executive

Sign for an article for executive.

You have risen in power and are leading a team or even a company? Sometimes, it is good to step out of the rat race and have some thoughts from another perspective. For this, look out for the “Executive” sign.