2020 was a difficult year for everybody. The corona pandemic hit and the community struggeled. I think we are all impacted one way or another, maybe even lost a loved one. Plans had to be adapted and fortunately we see with the vaccines a possible future for us without the lockdowns and fear of losing health and life.

I had to adapt my plans for Lead and Led as well since I have not published any news since June 2020 and I am sorry for this. However, I made some major progress in my life with further education and perspectives on the career ladder for which I had to take my chance. I am now a certified project leader of the German chamber of industry and commerce which was one of the pieces I was missing in my opinion to make a more wholesome worker out of me.

This year I would make up towards my promises and improve lead and led more. I found new interest in audiobooks about personal development and I would like to share several insight that I have. And hopefully, I would be able to improve the visual impression of this webpage in 2021. Those action take alot of time and I am by no mean an expert in CMS modification, so it will be try and error for me. 

I think that I will start now with my new role model Jim Rohn, a magnificient person that I learned a lot from just by listening to his audiobooks and seminars. Also, I will give some information towards self-discipline and money. I found these topics to be of major importance and I cannot stretch them enough.

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