On the 22nd of September 2018, the first post of Lead and Led was published. It was a post about opportunities even if things are not optimal.  After a year of regular supply of postings, I would like to take the opportunity to look back and forward.

The first year in numbers

First things first: The blog is still alive and carried on. Most blogs are canceled within one year. And on this base, we can live on to improve the blog on the different aspects like 

However, mostly numbers counts. The first nine months, there has been just noise and no more than 10 visitos each month. However, from June onwards, people started to visit the page. I think this is due to my involvement at the Fastlane Forum. Nevertheless, I can count now nearly 200 visitors per month. The question is wether I can sustain this but we will see. I learned that consistency and endurance will lead to a desired goal and I am goint to stick with this dogma.  

Review of the last year

Unfortunately, I think that most of the visitors right now are crawl bots. And that is ok. You know, I have not put effort into marketing so far because I wanted to focus on content more and improve my craftsmanship. This blog is a hobby so far and I am learning each time a bit more about the tools and the way to write appealing texts. In the beginning, the quality of the content was not as good as it is now. And this is a good tendency. I started to implement pictures and state how-tos. I think that the benefit for reader is now much bigger than it was in the beginning.

To write at least every two weeks an article was difficult and it is even more now. This is the 30th post of this blog. The content gets larger and I have to carry on the timing. I have a fulltime job and I am mainly using my weekends to find ideas and write content. 

In the last two months, I have added posts focusing on competences because I think that the most important direction of personal development is to show how to gain competences and how to aim to your own personal goal. I do not know your aspirations – but I can at least try to support you in this way. However, as you will see in the next section, I have certain plan to specify my target audience clearer.

Goals for the second year

My goals of the second year are quite easy:

  1. Keep at least a two weeks post rhythm like last year.
  2. Until the end of 2019 I will continue to add more static content on the leading, management and personal development topics.
  3. Marketing of this blog to have a more active community and have a better feedback. It could be that I add a landing newsletter or something like that. But still, it is necessary to show more off at other sites to increase a stream of visitors. I have to diversify the platforms, I guess. Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin connection were not very successful.
  4. I would like to redo the presentation of the site. The site was built up in 2018 on a very marginal design because I just wanted to start and push content. Now I think, it is neccessary to be more pleasent to the eye because I have heard from some people that they are shocked by the simplicity of the presentment
  5. Also, I would like to narrow down my target audience more. I think that I can help persons best that transit into their very first leadership job.


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