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I have announced in the beginning of the year that I would like to make something. Since I have become a team leader, I barely create things just process information and distribute it. But I try to be create and I always wanted to write a book. So I started … and use it for some tests on project self-management.

A question that I have asked myself quite often is: What am I good at? Am I good at asking questions? Probably. But what do I really know about and could build up something that is of interest to the society as a whole.

So I have thought about what I have done in the last 20 years and found out: I usually just learned things, mostly by studying. Though this is quite common in the age of around 20, I looked for some books to find a reflection of the study times. I barely saw something that stated some facts about the interconnection between Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. and working life. I strongly believe that many students do not need the master or the Ph.D. but should directly go to work.

Matured point of view

And this is something, I really do understand now and I can even give input whether the study of a higher degree in a certain area is benefitial or not. I can even give some advise of how to get to a study for a certain job by using a substitutional course.

So I have sit down and started writing and I am already at an advantage state: Already over 15,000 words. I am using a project plan like approach with weekly goals and a final aim of 20,000 words. You can see the progress of the last weeks in the following figure.

Project plan of the book writing

The only problem is that I have written it in German because this is the studying system I am used to and I do not want to tell something about things I do not know about.

My aim is to finish the book in the second quarter and hopefully it is then not too late to influence some students on their choice. I have also booked now an URL for the advertisement of the book but right now it is blank.

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