The art of managing

What is managing?

Managing in general is distributing of limited ressources. This can be literally anything. A process can be managed to ensure its permanent active existence though supply is limited. People can be managed to secure first urgent milestones in a project. Or livestock is manageble by farmers to ensure though it is sold partly for the butcher, there will be enough to breed next year. Even the janitor is sometimes called facility manager because it sounds nicer.

Managing is a daily integrated activity of our life. We plan our time and execute accordingly. In our lives, time is limited and it is our sole goal to do a suitable time spending to give us the pleasures of life, e.g. food, by enduring the sour times. e.g. work.

Main business focus: Project management

Project management is the most required skill in the business world. Projects have a certain, definite goal, start and ending. To achieve the goal in the given time frame, distributing times and personel is necessary. Managing starts here. It is a countinuos process of tracking the progress of tasks and working packages in a project and ensuring that the plan is followed and achieved.

Unfortunatly, project managers have the tendency to annoy when they track the people and milestones day-by-day or even hour-by-hour. The granuality of tracking is depending on the urgency of the given tasks in the overall project’s context. Thus, project management is a bit like the eye of Sauron: Looking, observing, ensuring that plans are carried out. Still, you can miss things because you can concentrate just on one spot. Then, you need more eyes.

Project management in daily life

As indicated in the first abstracts, managing is something we do naturally. I give you an example: Let us say that our goal is to be at work at 9 am. This is your milestone to achieve.

You start planning: You would need for the way 20 minutes, for breakfast 10 minutes, for showering and brushing your teeth as well 20 minutes and you plan a buffer for 10 minutes. This means that you have to wake up at 8:10 am. The clock is set for 8:10. However, you overslept for 5 minutes and your milestone achievement is in danger. Thus you think quickly to either cancel or shorten breakfast or taking a shower. You decide to just take a quick bite instead of a whole meal and save 8 minutes. You are again in timeplan for your milestone.

As shown, we do project managing daily and subconscious. The moment that we learn systematically to use project management skills and apply it consciously to our life, the efficiency rises quickly. However, you can use project planning also in long term to unlock wished like entrepreneurship or educational graduation. Endurance and tracking of the plan is key to achieve such long term goals. Please, make yourself familiar with the necessary techniques.