You maybe have heard these names: Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Denis Waitley. What do they have in common? They are all speakers that try to motivate you to be a better human being, to do personal development. But there is something else they have in common that some people do not know: They all have been students of the same man. This man was Jim Rohn. He is the embodiment of the wise, old man who has lived through the hero’s story of failure and success and shares the knowledge and experience with others. Also, I am a huge fan of him and I consider him to be a personal role model though he is from another time.

The farmer’s boy from Idaho and his global business philosophy

Jim Rohn was born 1930 in Yakima, Washington, but was raised in “the farm country of Idaho” in Cadwell. After passing highschool and visiting college for some time, he found himself as a worker in a poor situation. With 25, he visited a seminar of Mr. Earl Shoaff who impressed him and changed his life philosophy to what he was later to teach. Mainly, Jim started to take responsibility for himself and his actions and changed his life to bring “value to the market place” by climbing the ladder from worker and sales man to a business director. He was a millionaire by 31 and lost all his money again in the 1960s due to poor decision making and accepting too much risk.

But he started over and began to talk about his experiences that has driven him from a farmer boy to a business millionaire in seminars. He took the opportunity of giving his experience to a broad audience while never ceicing from improving himself. 

As well, he invested into HerbaLife and worked for them as a sales trainer. He was the shining man of HerbaLife and you can see that quite clearly in the reaction of the salesmen people at HerbaLife in 2006.

Jim’s style is push and pull

Jim is a master of speech. He uses day to day observations and phrases to make his points clear – with all the necessary “drama” – as he states it. He believes that one of the major concerns of life is dram and thus he uses a lot of push and pull techniques for your emotions. For example, his starting story is the story of the Girlscout. A girl came to him and offered him cookies to buy but he had no money, so he lied to her that he already got cookies. While this story is not a major concern for most people, Jim Rohn takes the morale how low he sank to lie to girl scout. He states that in this moment, he decided to turn his life around. Emotions and integrity are main causes in what he believes in is the motor of all our actions. And you can see and hear this clearly when he talks. When there is something to think about, he speakes slowly. If there shall be action, he will speak fast and excited. 

Thus, you will find him a lot on Youtube. He is featured in many motivation driving youtube channels as the key speaker. Here is an example:


The parable of the seasons is his most known story

Probably his most reknown story is the parable of the seasons. His assumption is very easy by stating that there are certain things you cannot change but the inevidable will happen and you have to plan, act and adapt beforehand. He states after every winter comes a spring, then a summer, an autumn and a winter again. This happened from the beginning of human life until now. Thus, you have to prepare yourself in an acyclic manner for what is going to come. “You have to think summer in winter and winter in summer.” 

In the spring, you have to sow to reep in the autumn. In the summer, you have to protect. In the autumn, you have to reep to last the winter and in the winter you have to endure to sow in the spring again. This is not just the seasonal cycle of year but also of business overall. He states that many people are surprised that winter strucked while they lived throughout the summer carelessly. You can see this parable in the following Youtube video:



As written before, I consider Jim Rohn as my personal role model. He has enlightened and motivated so many people in his life time and even after his death.  He is admired by the most reknown motivational speakers in the world still today. To be able to read and listen to his words is a privilege. He has shown me how one can reach what you want. And you can, too.


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