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As an employee one hopes to receive direction from my superior. In most cases of my nearly 10 year long working life, that expectation was not reached at all. Reasons are manifold and usually it is due to bad priorisation and that leading in its most basic state is not put into place. At some recent point, I stumbled over the book “Coach Yourself to Success” by Talane Miedaner written originally in 2000 that I found quite helpful to read and reflect about. In this article, I would like to review it and give my opinion about its possible impact into life.


First of all, I have read the translated German version of the book called “Coach dich selbst sonst coacht dich keiner” which this article is about. The original title is “Coach Yourself to Success”. The book claims to give “101 Tips from a Personal Coach for Reaching Your Goals at Work and in Life”.

It starts with a ten page introduction followed by the tips broken into ten parts. The chapters are about the aspects inner strength, order, money, time, relationships, passion, efficiency, communication, personal investments and success. Every part has 10 tipps except the last one with eleven. The tips are usually not long, usually just four to five pages, the longest tipp about the necessity to speak up is around eight pages.

In the end, there is an appendix with just a few pages. Most interesting in this regard are further literatures on the different topics of the book.

Talane Miedaner takes the ten given aspects and tries to help the reader to reflect the position in one’s own life. While the different tips are quite short, they seem to give just initial spark of thought to think further and try to compare the own situation with a golden standard. Some tips are very generalized (“No should anymore”), others are quite specific (“Feng Shui for home”).


I bought the book “Coach Yourself to Success” in a phase in which I was quite unsure of how I would carry on with my working life and what to do. Times were … cloudy as was the future. I read this book and I have to say I was impressed. Well, not particularly by every tip. I think some of the tips are not meant for me. I had however another person’s standpoint that I could use as a reflection of what to do and what not to do. And this is what tips are. You can use tips but not every tip is meaningful in every specific situation. This book helped me alot in standing up to my personal aims and defining what I want.

And I think that this has been my most important takeaway of this book: Make some order. I do not mean this in the way that the book has written it. This was something I concluded from my reflections of the order chapter. I felt my working life is too chaotic and too unsure, so I decided to put in some order myself and keep up the order so others benefit from it. This is one of the major tasks that a team leader has to fulfill: Organize. Organize people, organize processes and organize infrastructure. For the benefit of the whole company.

I suggest to read “Coach Yourself to Success” from time to time. Do not read too much, just three to five tips and then try to reflect a bit over the content. It is wise to not consume such books in a swift but give them chance to grow.


Easy to read book with a huge potential of self reflection. Some chapters will not apply to your specific situation but for such a generalized book it is ok. Personally, I suggest reading the chapters about order and money.

I give this book 4 out of 6 birds.

4 of 6 birds
This book earns 4 out of 6 birds.

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