Alpha males are not what you think – Leaders are caring

I had one of those nights in which I surfed the web to find myself at a TED talk. This one was about chimpanzees and their leading structure. I have never heared of the speaker, Frans de Waal, beforehand but just the topic intrigued me. So, let us see how monkey alpha males work.


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Freedom is the new raise: Working from home

I have recently seen a video of Meet Kevin about home-office which I found very interesting and I would like to discuss it from a perspective of employer and employee. Kevin usually discusses real estate economics but I found his comment intriguing on why he thinks house prices in cities will be dropping. The new freedom of working from home.

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Use this pandemic times to train yourself!

Sometimes mother nature shows us our biggest weaknesses by putting a mirror in front of us. Local authorities missing emergency plans for epidemics. But you should not fail in this crisis and here is a small post about how you should use your time ahead.

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Sickness and the duty for wellfare

The coronavirus SARS-COVID 19 is turning to a pandemic. Daily statistics are reported by national and international goverments, the World Health Organisation WHO and medical institutions like the John Hopkins CSSE . Today, I would like to tackle the responsibility of leaders to care about their employees. It comes down to sacrifice short-term for long-term thinking.

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Institutions, grades and interview picks

I have written recently a book about studying in Germany. And I would like to put up one advice I give young adults for picking an university to team leaders as well: Do not take the credibility of a university as your main measure of picking. In the following article, I would like to share my thoughts about CV backgrounds, grades, skills and mindset.

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How to lead your boss? The bottom up perspective.

Leading is not an one directional way. One might think it is always top down but there are possibilities to bring your boss onto the way you intended. Achieving this needs some preparation. Let us investigate what you have to do to lead bottom up. (Update Jan 2020)

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The circle of influence

Have you ever felt like you are fighting a war that you cannot win? Did you ever feel unable to move things in the right direction? For most people, this will lead to a massive downturn of their working morale. To help you understand that there are things you cannot influence nor control, I would like you to introduce to the circle of influence.

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The philosophy on backup planing – robustness against economical downturns

for students for graduates for beginners for professionals not for executives


There are a lot of discussions right now about an upcoming recession. Stock markets go down from all time highs and world economy climate is falling. Since Lead and Led is about leading in general let us talk about self-commutation as  a competence for foresighting protection. But first, let us understand fear in an abstract manner to cope with the upcoming text more rationally.

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Competence gaining

not for students for graduates for beginners for professionals not for executives


Last time, we looked into why competences are important for your job and your salary. Now, we are taking the opportunity to discuss how to actually gain competences. I recently put up the website for competences and this post here is a part to get some more focus on the competence matter as announced.

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