Goal for June: More content!

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I have asked myself how this website can deliver a benefit for its visitors. I do write a  blog here and then but I see a general problem in the amount of content, I offer. So my aim for June and probably the next few months is to include more hard content to the side and slide a bit away from blogging. I will however stick to the 2-weeks-1-post-goal but have to extend it :-).

EU ruled: Employers are forced tracking working time

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We work to earn money, so we change time for money. In most small and medium companies it is not common tracking working time. I have seen many times what happens when people work and do not track their times. They accumulate a non-neglectable amount of overtime and this is never paid back by holidays or moneywiese. So, we can see here a benefit. But what disadvantages might occur?

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Unique competences are poisonous

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How interchangable are you? Think about it: Where can you go right now in your organisation and still help out to at least 80 % of your actual position capabilities. I have had some thoughts about it and would like to share them. Let us talk about unique competences and why they hinder more than help.

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Review: The richest man in Babylon

this article is a product review

It is usually unlikely that a book is nearly 100 years old but the attention of the book is as vivid as it has never been before. Normally, these are books about politics and philosophy enduring time. But not this one: George Samuel Clason published the book “the richest man in Babylon” in 1926 to write about money and personal finance that pushes you to reflect your own attitude about how you should behave with your earnings. The book tells stories of Babylonian times and connects strongly with the present hypes about financial freedom and frugalism.

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Small success on Google Search

this article is a product review

I would like to share a very small success. At least for me, it shows that this website is on the right track and evolving in the right direction. I can proudly announce that every day in the last two weeks someone searched for a phrase that could be linked to Please refer to the graphic cut out from the Google Search Console.

Google Search results: Dark Blue are clicks, light blue impressions and purple are position ranks.

The next goal is: Every day someone should click on a link by Google for a week. This means that we have to get more content and better interconnection with the internet. Carrying on!

Leading by example

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I have recently read an article about the art of leading by example. Leading by example is something great – in theory. In this blog entry, I would like to discuss the issue of what this means in an organization and how it is a key to protect your coworkers by a certain standard.

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New Project: The German Study Book

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I have announced in the beginning of the year that I would like to make something. Since I have become a team leader, I barely create things just process information and distribute it. But I try to be create and I always wanted to write a book. So I started … and use it for some tests on project self-management.

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Walking the Manager’s Path

this article is a product review

How is the way up the engineering ladder? I have had the nice opportunity to step up one level from system engineer to a team leader and found myself in a very difficult situation. Others have already walked all the way from engineer to CTO. One of these people is Camille Fournier. To help other engineers becoming managers, she has written the book “The Manager’s Path” in the year 2017. In this article, I am reviewing her book.

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Team Leader: First year reflection

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The jolly ol’ christmas time brought a lot of something one rarely sees these days: Relaxation. I tried to use this time of year to reflect my doing and undoing of the last several months. The end of the year is perfect because you are drained heavily to family and friend events and get away from your job time. The distance to the rat race is gold, let us talk about how I used the calmer season.

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