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It is a bit far off to say that this blog is about disobedience, straightness and character. No, that is not the intention. It is more about personal reflection, education, self-management, management in general and a mild style of philosophy. The goal is simple: Reflect the daily observations of what might has run wrong and suggest a solution or a lesson to learn from. It is a bit of enlightenment that I like to share. I put all of my blog entries in categories so that you can find the pieces of information that are relevant for you. Enjoy!

Blogger background

My name is Thorsten. I am now a bit over 30 years old and try to put some of my observations of the last few years into written format. I hope that at least some people out there are interested in what I have to say and what I hope to accomplish with my given information.

I have studied physics in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Karlsruhe, Germany.  But I was not too happy with physics. At some point, I got mad about what I could accomplish with the tools that my courses have given me. The problems I tackled in physics were literally out of another world and maybe society would benefit from it in 30 or 40 years. I am not an impatient person but at some point I decided to switch the topic and continue my PhD in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. My hope was to solve problems that are more urgent and I was not wrong in doing so. The issues I’m coping now with suite me more and I enjoy solving them.

Looking back, I think that this was one of my best decisions in my short life so far: It was a risk, I have taken it, I fought and I won. One could state that I am on the bright side of life but  I learned to lose while pursuing my dreams and that taught me much more than winning in the end. It taught me disobedience, straightness and character.

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