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The year 2018 is coming to an end and I have to say that I had quite some fun writing in this blog. However, I am a bit behind my aimed posting rate. I would like to share the plan for 2019 concerning this blog.


Post rate goal: 1 post / 2 weeks

My initial aim was to put up a post every two weeks. But I failed. In retroperspective, I think that the main reason has been that I reworked a lot of texts which I was not happy about. And this is legimite in my opinion because I have to give you the best quality of content that I am able to provide. Still, the post rate is too low. And here the only possibility is to cut the length of the texts. Most texts that I have written have 1000 + words. For entertainment purpose I try put in a graphic into the texts as well. But this consumes time. I have read that most blogs try to put up photographs which they bought somewhere to simplify the process and save some time. I have to think about this to be honest. I see the benefit but I do not like to break the sites style.

Topic goals: Broader perspective, more finance and reviews

The topics of the blog were very diversitive. Something that I have not yet tackled was the finance aspect. I think that our society does not teach well how a person can deal with its financial situation. This will be one of my main foci next year. 

Concerning leading, I think that I should read more books and review them. I like to give a broader opinion of how some people manage and what styles there are. Still, having just some months experience, I think that my own knowledge will mature significantely in 2019.

Plan for 2019: Create something

I like to create things. Building something up, connecting two things that have not been connected before, pushing the limits. That makes me a lot of fun. Learning is one of my passion at well. Usually, I try to learn by doing. And here is my personal aim for 2019: Create something! A book, a programme. I do not know right now what I will exactly do but I am keen to do something.

Merry christmas and happy new year

At last, I wish you all a good and relaxed christmas time. Enjoy the spare time, meet your families. And for 2019, we see us here back again in January. 🙂

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