Leadership investigated!

Lead and Led is a webpage about leadership and the aspects surrounding this topic. Leading in general, how to manage, how to lead, how to flourish as a person. The blog tries to put two perspectives into the frame of the bigger picture: Top-down and bottom-up. It is written from the perspective of the executives as leading managers and the coworkers as led people.  Nevertheless, we are entrepreneurs of our own lives and thus we try to lead and manage them day-by-day. 

Thus, leadandled.com would like to investigate the topics of leading, self-guidance, education, business, economics and adminstration in a broader scheme. And sometimes, if things work out, we get even a bit philosophical. So join us on a quest of how to manage managing.

For this, we have several blog entries for students, graduates, job starters, professionals and executives to help them coping with their respected work struggle. Also, we offer small information articles on business topics and reviews of books.