Generation Y and their resigning habits

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Recently, I have not been happy concerncing my work environment: The work load and interactions with my superiors. So I resigned, without a job offer already at hand. I tried beforehand to explain my reasoning, however, without a future job offer, for the old generation’s boss this looked more like blackmailing and bluffing. Thus, let us analyse the mindset of generaion Y a bit.

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Coach yourself or … die trying

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As an employee one hopes to receive direction from my superior. In most cases of my nearly 10 year long working life, that expectation was not reached at all. Reasons are manifold and usually it is due to bad priorisation and that leading in its most basic state is not put into place. At some recent point, I stumbled over the book “Coach Yourself to Success” by Talane Miedaner written originally in 2000 that I found quite helpful to read and reflect about. In this article, I would like to review it and give my opinion about its possible impact into life.

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