Quo vadis Lead and Led in 2021?

2020 was a difficult year for everybody. The corona pandemic hit and the community struggeled. I think we are all impacted one way or another, maybe even lost a loved one. Plans had to be adapted and fortunately we see with the vaccines a possible future for us without the lockdowns and fear of losing health and life.

I had to adapt my plans for Lead and Led as well since I have not published any news since June 2020 and I am sorry for this. However, I made some major progress in my life with further education and perspectives on the career ladder for which I had to take my chance. I am now a certified project leader of the German chamber of industry and commerce which was one of the pieces I was missing in my opinion to make a more wholesome worker out of me.

This year I would make up towards my promises and improve lead and led more. I found new interest in audiobooks about personal development and I would like to share several insight that I have. And hopefully, I would be able to improve the visual impression of this webpage in 2021. Those action take alot of time and I am by no mean an expert in CMS modification, so it will be try and error for me. 

I think that I will start now with my new role model Jim Rohn, a magnificient person that I learned a lot from just by listening to his audiobooks and seminars. Also, I will give some information towards self-discipline and money. I found these topics to be of major importance and I cannot stretch them enough.

Short update on content roadmap

Hello everyone,

I have added in June and July several new pages and worked on the structure a bit as announced before.

There are now three main topics (Leading, Manging and Personal Development). And each of the topics has at least one subtopic. Effectevily I doubled the static content. Since one is not that much, my aim for the next weeks is to have at least three sub topics for each. Target date is end of October.

My blog will be keep updated next to the static content frequently. I will try to focus more on personal development since I think that most people are interested in this.

Personal web presence released

Hi. I have mostly worked the last two weeks on my personal web presence on thorsten-beuth.de which I released today. I shall give some peek into my professional cv and capture the state of my creations. I hope to boost a bit my motivation on carrying on publishing texts in books, papers and on blogs. I hope you have a small look!

Goal for June: More content!

this article is a product review

I have asked myself how this website can deliver a benefit for its visitors. I do write a  blog here and then but I see a general problem in the amount of content, I offer. So my aim for June and probably the next few months is to include more hard content to the side and slide a bit away from blogging. I will however stick to the 2-weeks-1-post-goal but have to extend it :-).

Small success on Google Search

this article is a product review

I would like to share a very small success. At least for me, it shows that this website is on the right track and evolving in the right direction. I can proudly announce that every day in the last two weeks someone searched for a phrase that could be linked to leadandled.com. Please refer to the graphic cut out from the Google Search Console.

Google Search results: Dark Blue are clicks, light blue impressions and purple are position ranks.

The next goal is: Every day someone should click on a link by Google for a week. This means that we have to get more content and better interconnection with the internet. Carrying on!

New Project: The German Study Book

this article is a product review

I have announced in the beginning of the year that I would like to make something. Since I have become a team leader, I barely create things just process information and distribute it. But I try to be create and I always wanted to write a book. So I started … and use it for some tests on project self-management.

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