Review: “Start with why” by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a well known name for people interested in the topic of leading. His youtube videos feel very inspirational and are visited by millions. Recently, I came across his book “Start with why” and thought it is a great opportunity for a review.

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The philosophy on backup planing – robustness against economical downturns

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There are a lot of discussions right now about an upcoming recession. Stock markets go down from all time highs and world economy climate is falling. Since Lead and Led is about leading in general let us talk about self-commutation as  a competence for foresighting protection. But first, let us understand fear in an abstract manner to cope with the upcoming text more rationally.

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Competence gaining

not for students for graduates for beginners for professionals not for executives


Last time, we looked into why competences are important for your job and your salary. Now, we are taking the opportunity to discuss how to actually gain competences. I recently put up the website for competences and this post here is a part to get some more focus on the competence matter as announced.

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Short update on content roadmap

Hello everyone,

I have added in June and July several new pages and worked on the structure a bit as announced before.

There are now three main topics (Leading, Manging and Personal Development). And each of the topics has at least one subtopic. Effectevily I doubled the static content. Since one is not that much, my aim for the next weeks is to have at least three sub topics for each. Target date is end of October.

My blog will be keep updated next to the static content frequently. I will try to focus more on personal development since I think that most people are interested in this.

Do stuff. Fail. Learn. Repeat. Build up competences.

for students for graduates for beginners for professionals not for executives


It is very difficult to show when you achieve competences. For example: I visited a basic and an advanced seminar on simulation software for optics. Do I feel competent? No. I am lacking practice. And here is a simple key of achieving competence: Learning by doing. It is simple yet effective.  Let us check how to achieve greatness by achieving compenteces.

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German study book released


some months ago, I have announced the German study book project. I am happy to announce that it is finished and released as a soft cover on Amazon. It is called “Der Studium Leitfaden: Ein Ratgeber für angehende Studenten” (The studies guideline: An adviser for prospective students) and shall help students to get some benefit out of 11 years experience at the university. 

To ensure a vivid discussion with the youth and to get good communication feedback, I installed a webpage here for interaction. The next step would be the ebook version and later an audiobook. However, I still need some equipment to make it happen.  

Personal web presence released

Hi. I have mostly worked the last two weeks on my personal web presence on which I released today. I shall give some peek into my professional cv and capture the state of my creations. I hope to boost a bit my motivation on carrying on publishing texts in books, papers and on blogs. I hope you have a small look!

Generation Y and their resigning habits

not for students not for graduates for beginners for professionals for executives


Recently, I have not been happy concerncing my work environment: The work load and interactions with my superiors. So I resigned, without a job offer already at hand. I tried beforehand to explain my reasoning, however, without a future job offer, for the old generation’s boss this looked more like blackmailing and bluffing. Thus, let us analyse the mindset of generaion Y a bit.

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